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Trauma-Informed Consensual Kink inside SPACE: Healing & Consent for Black Folx+

  • 30Days


We are here in 2024. The impact of oppression, trauma, and social media culture continues to highlight that likely most people have experienced some form of trauma or grief. Historically, for Black+, within both virtual and in-person BDSM/Kink, access to pleasure can be uniquely challenging. Consent is a critical tool to move us to honoring autonomy and safety. There is a need to shift the popular culture of BDSM/Kink to support the intentional healing of Black+ individuals and all communities at large. Trauma-Informed Consensual Kink (TICK) is a BDSM/KINK consent approach created by Black+ folx to support navigating potential triggers and trauma responses in the pursuit of pleasure, safety, and liberation. In this workshop, we will: *Explore 5 intersectional experiences and barriers Black folx+ face within BDSM/Kink spaces *Highlight the necessity of trauma-informed play practices within kink communities that are both socially and culturally relevant. *Analyze 4 popular BDSM/Kink consent frameworks as a foundation for transitioning towards TICK *Offer 3 unique ways to engage in Kink and pleasure play with individuals who have most likely experienced trauma at some point *Explain the 5-point TICK methodology using our “SPACE” approach - incorporating Safety, Pleasure, Awareness, Communication, and Empathy. *Learn 3 accountability-based practices to support presence, pleasure, and harm reduction

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